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EU Council: Sibiu Declaration, ten commitments for the future. “To listen to the concerns and hopes of all Europeans”

(from our correspondent in Sibiu) Ten “commitments”, unanimously approved, for the future of the EU – they are enshrined in the “Sibiu Declaration” that has just been released by the European Council gathered in Romania. Point one: “We will defend one Europe – from East to West, from North to South. Thirty years ago millions of people fought for their freedom and for unity and brought down the Iron Curtain, which had divided Europe for decades. There is no place for divisions that work against our collective interest”. Point two: “We will stay united, through thick and thin. We will show each other solidarity in times of need and we will always stand together. We can and we will speak with one voice”. Point three: “We will always look for joint solutions, listening to each other in a spirit of understanding and respect”. Fourth commitment: “We will continue to protect our way of life, democracy and the rule of law. The unalienable rights and the fundamental freedoms of all Europeans were hard fought and will never be taken for granted. We will uphold our shared values and principles enshrined in the Treaties”. Fifth commitment: “We will deliver where it matters most. Europe will continue to be big on big matters. We will continue to listen to the concerns and hopes of all Europeans, bringing the Union closer to our citizens, and we will act accordingly, with ambition and determination”.

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