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Europe: Aachen, Charlemagne Prize to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. “A man of broad horizons”

In Aachen, today, the Charlemagne Prize was given to the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres. “At a time in which universal rights are increasingly weakened and democratic principles put under pressure”, this is the reason for the award, Guterres earned this honour for being an “outstanding advocate for the European model of society, of pluralism, for tolerance and dialogue, for open and caring societies, of the strengthening and consolidation of multilateral cooperation and a community of States that will effectively meet the existential challenges of the XXI century”. It was Felipe, Prince of Spain, who said the “Laudatio”: “The European dream is kept alive by the vision and determination of outstanding people of the calibre of António Guterres”, the royal prince began, then went on to define Guterres “a man that combines the European perspective with the international call of his country, Portugal”, “a man of broad horizons”. “His efforts”, Felipe went on, “remind us that the European dream does not end at the European borders, and it is the same dream as that of millions of other people across the world”. Guterres takes inspiration from three principles: “solidarity with the needy ones”; the “pursuit of closer and closer union among European peoples and states”; the contribution of a united Europe to the just causes of humanity”, first and foremost migration and climate.

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