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European elections: The success of Farage, Sanchez and Le Pen, between “pro-Europeans” and “Eurosceptic”, makes the headlines


(Brussels) “Farage against the machine. Brexit party storms to victory in European elections, smashing Conservatives and Labour, in historic win”. The British online The Sun doesn’t mince its words in the morning’s headlines, while the quieter The Guardian writes: “The Brexit party leads the UK results, followed by the Lib Dems”. According to The Independent, it was an “electoral blow”, which, in the first few hours after the vote, seems to be driving “the Labour to move on to the second Brexit referendum”. In the aftermath of the election, Germany is instead a “divided country”, according to die Zeit, “more colourful but also more divided”. “Green are the big cities, bluer is the East”, the Frankfurter Allgemeine sums up. According to, the European picture is instead “bad but not deadly. The right-wing parties win the European elections, it’s dangerous in each country, but for a EU-wide alliance they are too much against each other”. In Spain: “The Psoe takes the lead at the election but the right-wing parties win in Madrid”, El Pais writes on the headlines. On El Mundo, “Pedro Sanchez strengthens his power, and Pablo Casado (Pp) holds on through Madrid”. On the contrary, in France, Le Figaro sums up the outcome of the election like this: “Rassemblement national the great winner, a turning point for Europe Ecologie-Les Verts, and a collapse for Republicans, in the context of the highest turnout in the last twenty-five years (50.12%)”. This is what Le Monde says about the new European Parliament: “pro-EU parties stop the Eurosceptic drive”.


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