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European elections: calls to vote across the EU. Initiatives in Rome, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Portugal and Finland

(Brussels) “Our European identity does not oppose our national identity, but complements and enriches it. The Bulgarian culture has always thrived during periods of open and active exchange with European and world traditions. And the European Union is the surest guarantor that our language and our culture will be preserved and will leave a lasting mark in the European and global cultural heritage”. This excerpt is from a letter signed by 525 professors, teachers, artists, researchers and journalists, who call on Bulgarian citizens to vote and support pro-EU and pro-democracy candidates in the elections scheduled for 26 May in the country. Business managers in Slovakia have also made an appeal to vote and to choose Europe in a video explaining the benefits of the country’s EU membership. Portugal comes up with “We are 28”, the song that won the EU’s Euroscola contest on the importance of voting. The song invites citizens to vote in the upcoming European elections and hopes that the UK will remain a member of the EU. The Finnish television broadcaster YLE has created an “election bot” to help young voters select their preferred candidate.  “Who will be your match for the next 5 years?” is the question asked by the dating App Tinder to its users to help them find the candidate who “best-matches” them in the European elections. “Vote for your future!” is the call made by some female Spanish champions. Also in the area of sports and in collaboration with the European Parliament, the Italian association representing professional footballers called “Assocalciatori” will present the results of a poll in Rome today which calls on the EU to act in the areas of women’s inclusion in football, countering doping, and violence in stadiums.

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