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Pope Francis: to the ambassadors, “urgent need to take care of the poorest is a clear duty”. “Violence and armed conflict” the greatest “threats”

“The urgent need to take care of our poorest citizens is a clear duty, that is eloquently expressed when, while respectful of their legitimate differences, we unite to promote their integral human development. Such union has an actual name: fraternity!”. This was said by the Pope in the Clementine Hall, today, as he gave audience to the ambassadors of Thailand, Norway, New Zealand, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Luxembourg, Mozambique and Ethiopia for the presentation of letters of credence. “Since we have to face increasingly complex global challenges, it would be fair to point out how important fraternity is, to work together to ensure that fair, peaceful cohabitation is not a mere socio-political strategy, but an example of that solidarity that goes deeper than a mutual desire to achieve a shared goal”, explained the Pope, according to whom fraternity is shown “by the universal wish for friendship among people, communities and nations, though it can never be taken for granted”. “The greatest threats to harmonious cohabitation are violence and armed conflict”, this was Francis’s reflection: “However, the painful lesson of division and hatred also teaches that peace is always possible. The resolution of conflict and reconciliation are positive signs of unity, which is stronger than division, and of fraternity, which is more powerful than hatred”. “It is very encouraging to see the efforts the international community is making to defuse situations of armed conflict and create paths of peace and how essential fraternal dialogue is to reach such a precious target”, recognised the Pope, who, quoting the Abu Dhabi document on human fraternity, reiterated that “dialogue, mutual understanding, the spreading of a culture of tolerance, of mutual acceptance and cohabitation among human beings would remarkably help reduce many economic, social, political and environmental problems that are besieging a large part of mankind”.

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