Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Catholic Bishops of the Holy Land, “Churches and spiritual leaders should point to another way”

“The recent developments in the Palestine Israel context, the ongoing loss of lives, the continuing evaporation of hope for a durable solution, and the failure of the international community to insist on the application of international law to save the peoples of this land from more struggle and despair, have reached a point where we witness more extremism and discrimination. Even those who once presented themselves as guardians of democracy and promoters of peace, have become power-brokers and partisan participants in the conflict”. The Assembly of the Catholic Bishops of the Holy Land denounced this in a statement, questioning whether “international diplomacy and the peace process were ever actually based on justice and good will”. Perhaps it is time for “the Churches and spiritual leaders to point to another way, to insist that all, Israelis and Palestinians, are brothers and sisters in humanity”. For the Bishops, only a chance to “love one another and live together in mutual respect and equality, equal in rights and duties, in this same land” can lead to “a peace based on dignity, mutual respect and equality as human beings”. Only this kind of peace will “allow us to survive and even thrive in this land”.

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