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European elections: France, presidents of Council of Christian Churches call on citizens to vote, since vote has “broader implications”

“The ideals of justice, peace and democracy should be built by all of us, together. This is why Europe needs to better meet the expectations of its peoples and carry out reforms, rather than disappearing under the pressure of populism”, reads the declaration in view of the European elections, signed by the three presidents of the Council of Christian Churches in France – Pastor François Clavairoly, Metropolitan Emmanuel, and Archbishop Georges Pontier. The text, published today, speaks of the “process” that has secured peace in Europe in the last 70 years and the fact that France has benefitted from it, living “peacefully with its neighbouring countries” and experiencing “unprecedented economic development”. “Sure”, the Church leaders wrote, “European integration has been fraught with difficulties for too many citizens. European institutions are perceived as a technocracy escaping democratic control” to the extent that “some people or political parties even intend to leave the European Union”, out of fear of losing their “national identity”. The question is whether “we can risk destroying a project that has been so patiently built”, whether it would not be “better to act together rather than alone” in facing the many challenges facing us (climate change, migration, social tensions). Hence Christians in France are invited to “question themselves and vote” in this elections, since their vote has “broader implications”.

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