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EU Parliament: President Tajani, reforms “that will enable the EU to address present challenges”

The EU needs reforms that will strengthen the tools of this political edifice meant to address the present challenges” – said European Parliament President Antonio Tajani interviewed by SIR – first and foremost by increasing Parliament’s powers within the European institutional framework. For example, we need reforms that give legislative initiative powers to the European Parliament, which is now in the hands of the European Commission. However, it’s of the essence to have a budget that can guarantee investments and projects within the broad areas of responsibility of the European Commission such as the agricultural sector, small and medium enterprises, culture , Erasmus+, research and innovation, energy, identifying solutions to the migratory pressure, to security concerns.” You served as President of the EU Parliament for two and a half years. What’s your preliminary assessment? ” It was a gratifying experience that has offered me the opportunity to represent half a billion people. I have tried to do everything possible to give them room, to make citizens feel that they are the protagonists. Indeed, I am not exempt from mistakes, nobody is perfect. But I must say it has been one of the most enthralling experiences in my life.”

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