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Artificial Intelligence: EU guidelines. “Artificial Intelligence can benefit a wide-range of sectors”: healthcare, energy, safety, climate, finance

(Brussels) “Artificial Intelligence (AI) can benefit a wide-range of sectors, such as healthcare, energy consumption, cars safety, farming, climate change and financial risk management”. This is according to the European Commission, which has launched some guidelines taking into account the ethical dimension in this innovative field of civil and economic life to mark “Digital Day 2019”. “AI can also help to detect fraud and cybersecurity threats, and enables law enforcement authorities to fight crime more efficiently. However, AI also brings new challenges for the future of work, and raises legal and ethical questions”. The members of the EU expert group on AI will present their work during the Digital Day taking place today in Brussels. To ensure the ethical development of AI, the Commission will, by the autumn 2019: “launch a set of networks of AI research excellence centres”; “begin setting up networks of digital innovation hubs”; and start discussions, together with Member States and stakeholders, to “develop and implement a model for data sharing and making best use of common data spaces”.

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