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European elections: Pax Christi, manifesto on 26 May. “Decisive” vote for the “future of Europe”

(Brussels) The Catholic peace movement “Pax Christi International” has released “The Europe We Want” manifesto ahead of the European Parliament elections (23-26 May). We “reiterate our faith in the European project”, the manifesto reads, since “Europe is still very necessary for achieving the goals of peace, prosperity and sustainability in a world shaken by inequalities, conflicts, cataclysmic climate change and geopolitical imbalances; since “Europe should remain a beacon of hope and humanity for all those stripped of their dignity and the right to decent living conditions”; and since “Europe has the resources and courage to adjust itself to a changing world without reneging on its fundamental values”. However, Europe’s “achievements” are not without flaws, as the manifesto points out. Pax Christi urges everyone to “have a critical look at programmes and manifestos of European political parties and individual candidates” in order to choose those who “support Europe as a peace project”. The upcoming elections “will be fought on very key European issues and could be the most decisive election yet on the future of Europe”. “While populists and nationalists are strongly making their voice heard”, it is crucial for us to take action and convince people to “participate in the elections and support the Europe we want: a peaceful, fraternal, forward-looking Europe for all women and men of good will”.
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