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Brexit: Juncker (EU Commission), “no-deal is very likely scenario”. Now “everything depends on the UK”.

Il presidente della Commissione europea, Jean-Claude Juncker (foto SIR/Marco Calvarese)

(Brussels) “A no deal is now a very likely scenario”, said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, commenting on the current situation in London where the British Government and Parliament seem unable to reach an agreement on an orderly withdrawal from the EU. Juncker addressed the members of the European Parliament who started their plenary session (3-4 April) with a debate on Brexit. Retracing once again the steps that have led to Brexit, Juncker stressed the failure of the UK authorities to decide on the matter, that is to say, to choose either the deal agreed between the UK government and the EU, or a ‘no deal’ (hard Brexit), or a second referendum, or – as a last option – to renounce Brexit and stay in the EU. “We stand ready to launch the talks and negotiations on the future partnership” between the UK and the EU “as soon as the Withdrawal Agreement is signed”, the president of the European Commission said. But “whether this happens or not depends” on the UK; “the European Council gave the United Kingdom the time and the space to decide”, yet the impasse remains. Juncker recalled that the EU made contingency plans to “mitigate” the “impact of a no-deal scenario”: to protect citizens’ rights; to “make sure that planes can take off and land”; to “help fishing communities” continue their activities; to guarantee law enforcement cooperation; and to avoid “disruption on our financial markets”.



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