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Mexico: the Bishops’ call to the Government, “taking in and integrating our migrants”

“A call to the US and Mexican Governments to take in and integrate the thousands of migrants who are currently in our country and to the mass media to make objective, fair coverage of the caravans that keep coming. And a call on the men of good will who live in our country to look lovingly and mercifully at the suffering migrant brothers, not to close their hearts, and to keep helping”. This is the call made by the Mexican Bishops, in a notice signed by the president of the Episcopal Conference of Mexico (Cem), mgr. Rogelio Cabrera López, archbishop of Monterrey, and by the general secretary, mgr. Alfonso Gerardo Miranda Guardiola, auxiliary bishop of Monterrey. The release was written firstly to express gratitude to Pope Francis for donating 500 thousand dollars for 27 refugee-supporting projects in 16 dioceses. “The humanitarian crisis will keep growing”, Cem’s release reads, as new caravans come. The burden of taking in these migrants is largely shouldered by the Catholic Church, though with the support of many lay organisations and other Christian Churches, but at the northern and southern borders “the detention centres are overcrowded” and in border towns there is no shortage of “defamatory campaigns”, by which they are prevented from “finding work, renting an apartment or walking peacefully in the streets”. The Episcopal Conference of Mexico reports: “It is the networks of diocesan detention centres, religious congregations and lay organisations that are currently helping dozens of thousands of migrants, while in many places the authorities cannot cope with the situation and are overwhelmed in terms of the help and dignified treatment that migrants deserve”. Therefore “more and better coordination is required between the strong national pastoral organisation of the Catholic Church and the Government, at all levels, something that so far has not happened as much as it would have been needed or hoped for, in such an emergency”.



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