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EU Parliament: European elections campaign starts in the UK. Vote scheduled for Thursday, 23 May, across the Channel.

(Foto: AFP/SIR)

(Strasbourg) “The 2019 European Parliament elections in the UK will take place on 23 May”. The surprising news – given the great uncertainty still surrounding the Brexit issue – was formally announced on the Twitter account of the UK Office of the European Parliament today.

A chart was also posted to inform UK citizens that the 73 MEPs they will elect will represent them in the next months or years – this is still unclear – and that “UK and other EU nationals aged 18+ and resident in the UK can vote”. The campaign is thus officially launched, as is also explained on the European Elections 2019 official website, to which the Twitter post provides a link ( and which includes all necessary information on how to register to vote. The section “Who are the candidates?” is empty for now. The deadline for political parties to publish their lists of candidates is 25 April.



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