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Pope Francis: audience, “worst mistake” is to uproot the “weeds” straight away. “God always precedes us, He always surprises us”

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“The Kingdom of God is like a field where the good seed and the weeds grow together: the worst mistake is for us to intervene immediately and uproot from the world what we consider to be weeds”. This is according to Pope Francis, who, in the catechesis of today’s general audience dedicated to the second petition of the Our Father, explained that “God is not like us, God is patient”. “It is not by violence that the Kingdom comes about in the world: it is spread by gentleness”, Pope Francis remarked: “The Kingdom of God is certainly a great force, the greatest that there is, but not according to the world’s criteria; which is why it never seems to have an absolute majority. It is like the yeast that is mixed into the flour: it seems to disappear, yet it is that yeast that leavens the dough. Or it is like a mustard seed, so small, almost invisible, which nevertheless carries within it the explosive force of nature, and once grown, it becomes the greatest of all the trees of the garden. This “destiny” of the Kingdom of God, according to Pope Francis, “is also reflected in the life of Jesus: He too was a small sign to his contemporaries, an event which was almost unknown to the official historians of the time. He called Himself a grain of wheat, which dies in the earth so that it can bear much fruit. The image of the seed is eloquent: one day the peasant sinks it into the ground – a gesture that seems like a burial – and then, ‘asleep or awake, by night or by day, the seed sprouts and grows. Without him knowing how’”. “A seed that sprouts is more the work of God than that of the man who sowed it”, Pope Francis explained. “God always precedes us, God always surprises us. Thanks to Him, after the night of Good Friday, there is a dawn of Resurrection capable of illuminating the whole world with hope”.

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