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EU directive on copyright: de Kerckhove (Media duemila), “Europe, a key player in new balances”

“A well-thought-out decision, because the directive on copyright, as it happened with the one on privacy (last May’s GDPR), enables Europe to be a key player again in the promotion of new balances”. This is how Derrick de Kerckhove, sociologist, journalist and scientific director of “Media duemila”, comments the EU directive on copyright. “Of course – he points out – with the GDPR we speak of data management, here we speak of content management, but Europe is proving to have an innovative drive that leaves room for manoeuvre while pointing to a way”. According to the expert, “discretion and negotiation are the words to be feared. Actually, in negotiations, it is the stronger one who usually wins. The immediate enforcement of the directive in Italy can make all the difference, but our country is not known for being too quick to make laws”. “As Riffeser, president of Fieg (Italian Federation of Newspaper and Periodical Publishers), aptly said, this measure ‘will encourage profitable forms of partnerships between holders of copyrights on published contents and providers of innovative services’. But such forms of partnerships – de Kerckhove concludes – are still to be invented”.


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