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European Union: card. Marx (Germany) at Paris Talks, “being together is better than being alone”

(Foto Siciliani-Gennari/SIR)

“Being together is better than being alone”. This is how card. Reinhard Marx, archbishop of Munich and Freising and president of the German Bishops’ Conference, answered to those who would like to have a future without Europe today. “All of them, even the larger countries, are small and weak when faced with the big worldwide dynamics, and, alone, they can do little. Together, instead, big things can be done, even fighting for the culture of freedom, solidarity, democracy and peace” that Europe has been building throughout its history. A heritage it is responsible for, nowadays, “not just for Europeans but for the whole world”. Speaking during the Talks that the three presidencies of the German, French and Swiss Bishops’ Conferences are organising in Paris about the “common good”, card. Reinhard Marx explains: “Europe is a very important player, and it is important for the Church as well. The fathers who founded the European Union after the war were Christian. That’s why Christians still feel extremely responsible for committing themselves to Europe and joining forces in this mutually-supportive project built on values that are ingrained in our European civilisation”. According to the archbishop of Munich, “it’s not true” that Europeans do not love Europe. “The majority of Europeans support the European Union. This is perfectly clear. It is a minority. Of course, more voices can be heard now who call themselves sceptic about the European project. Then, a space for discussion should be opened. It was for this purpose that ‘Rethinking Europe’ was organised with Pope Francis in Rome two years ago. It is the Church that encourages a discussion about the future of Europe, at all levels”. Why should one vote in late May? “To be in”, Marx answers: “If one does not vote, then it means one chooses to stay out. Voting is an important gesture to be involved, in this case, in Europe’s common fate, to take part in its development, and to make one’s voice heard.









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