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Card. Danneels’ funeral: Card. Jozef De Kesel (Mechelen), “he also knew that there was no future for us without the other Christian Churches”

Card. Godfried Danneels, who died in Mechelen on 14 March, “also knew that there was no future for our Church without the other Christian Churches. Ecumenical dialogue was important to him. Just as he was convinced of the importance of interreligious dialogue and of the importance of other religious traditions in our country”. Card. Jozef De Kesel stressed this in his homily at the funeral of Card. Danneels which took place today at Mechelen Cathedral. When we celebrate a funeral, we pray to God to have “mercy and compassion” for the deceased. “This is also true for Card. Danneels”, Card. De Kesel said, recalling that when Card. Danneels “turned seventy-five and was asked in an interview what he would ask God when standing before Him at the end of his days, he replied: mercy for what I didn’t do well”. Card. De Kesel also recalled that Card. Danneels, who led the diocese of Mechelen-Brussels from 1979 to 2010, spoke publicly a few years ago, when his biography was released (2015): “At that time the Church had already had to deal with the sin and weakness of abuse”, Card. De Kesel remarked, and on that occasion Card. Danneels said: “For what I did wrong, I trust in God’s forgiveness”. “This is our prayer today”, Card. De Kesel concluded: “With a heart full of gratitude and deep affection: Lord, have mercy on the one who has served you with so much love, and lovingly receive him in your house”.



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