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European elections: Central Committee of German Catholics (ZDK) launches website ahead of May’s European elections

The Central Committee of German Catholics (ZDK), a reference point for lay organisations in Germany, has launched a new website ahead of May’s European elections: the aim is to harness and mobilise “ideas and voices for a strong and united Europe”. “Together we are strong” is the title of the editorial opening the website. The reason behind the ZDK’s involvement and action is that “Europe needs the commitment of its citizens, their support and their efforts to achieve common goals”. “Europe is a cultural, social and political project to which all citizens with their own skills and talents can contribute”, the website reads, a “project threatened by short-sighted nationalist and populist movements that feed on fears and threaten the European Union’s achievements”. The website features three sections (statements, initiatives, events) with contributions from associations, dioceses and communities. By posting news, events and inspiring material promoted in the German Catholic world, the aim is to “encourage participation, gather ideas, come together and, of course, go and vote for the EU, for democracy and for the rule of law on 26 May”.

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