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Norway: University of Oslo, faculty of theology, course for “religious leaders, monks, nuns”. Mgr. Eidsvig, “good initiative”

The faculty of theology of the University of Oslo has launched a free course for “religious leaders, monks, and nuns” in Norway to help them to “become more confident in their role and to better understand the values characterising the Norwegian society’s relationship with religious communities”. The news was posted on the website of the Catholic Diocese of Oslo. “The course will be a valuable contribution to the knowledge of Norwegian social values, to interreligious dialogue, and to moral and religious counselling in various everyday situations. It is a good initiative”, said the bishop of Oslo Bernt Eidsvig. Organised in cooperation with the Co-operation Council for Belief and Life Societies (STL), the Buddhist Association, the Norwegian Islamic Council, the Christian Council of Norway, and the Catholic Church, the course is aimed especially at those coming to work in religious communities in Norway from abroad; it will start in November and will be free, for it will be funded with over €500 million made available by the Storting, the Norwegian Parliament, as an integration initiative. The launch of the programme took place at a public event in Oslo, in the presence of Crown Prince Haakon; the Minister of Research and Higher Education Iselin Nybø; University Rector Svein Stølen; and Oslo Mayor Marianne Borgen .



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