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European elections: seat projections for next Parliament. In Europe EPP down, Greens on the rise. Pro-European majority in Strasbourg

(Brussels) The new projections for the 23-26 May elections for the renewal of the European Parliament – released in Brussels today – are not much different from the previous projections released two weeks ago, taking into account that they were completed by 25 February, that is, three months ahead of the voting, before the start of the election campaign. Yet there are some changes at the European scale. The EPP is now projected to win 181 seats, that is, 3 seats less than two weeks ago. The S&D remains stable at 135 seats. The third group would be the liberal group ALDE (the conditional is a must as in any opinion poll) with 75 seats. The Eurosceptic ENF group (including the League) is projected to come fourth with 59 seats. The Greens continue their advance (driven by the Greens in Germany) from 44 to 49 seats. The GUE (United Left) would gain 47 seats, up from 46. The conservative ECR group (after the UK’s departure) is losing influence and is currently projected at 46 seats, down from 51. Losses are also predicted for the Eurosceptic EFDD group (including MEPs from Italy’s M5S) which would win 39 seats, down from 43. The Unaffiliated group would pass from 10 to 8 seats, while the “Non-Inscrits” (political parties who have not yet chosen which EP group to join, including French President Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche Party), are projected to advance from 58 to 66 seats. In general, the European Parliament would maintain a pro-European majority, although alliances would still be required including at least the EPP, the S&D, ALDE or the Greens.

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