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European Elections: projected election results. Poland, Civic Platform is first party. Spain, Socialists in the lead

(Brussels) The 167-page report on the seat projections for the next European Parliament, released by the EP Office in Brussels today, shows that the “En Marche” movement is gaining ground in France (23.5% of the vote, 24 seats) and is expected to finish well ahead of Marine Le Pen’s RN (19.4%, 19 MEPs). In Germany, Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU would win one third of the vote (33.0%); the Greens, second party (19.0%), are also expected to perform well; third would come the Social Democrats (18.0%), while the Eurosceptic, far-right AfD party would stop at 10%. Surprisingly in Poland, the pro-European centre-right Civic Platform party would win 37.5% of the vote, overtaking the Eurosceptic PiS ruling party (36.3%). In Spain, the Socialist Party (PSOE) would confirm its position as the first party, followed by the People’s Party (PP), and Ciudadanos.

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