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Safer Internet Day: EU Commission, expert group on safer internet for children

(Brussels) “I am pleased to announce the creation of the expert group today, on Safer Internet Day 2019”. Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, launched this initiative intended to “improve coordination and cooperation between EU Member States and propose concrete actions that can be taken to keep children safe when using the internet”. The slogan for the day, “Together for a Better Internet”, is a “timely reminder that no one country or organisation can act effectively on its own when it comes to internet safety. Coordination and cooperation between Member States is just as important in that regard” as the valuable work carried out to propose preventive and educational actions. Commissioner Gabriel reiterated the importance of the awareness campaign #SaferInternet4EU which was launched just a year ago and has reached so far “15,500 schools, with a number of initiatives, events and tools to protect children from online threats”.

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