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Pope Francis: presents icon made in Bose Monastery to journalists aboard flight to United Arab Emirates and calls the rain a sign of blessing. “Let us hope it goes thus”

It was raining in Abu Dhabi yesterday. Rain, which is rare in those countries, is seen as a sign of blessing: “Let us hope it goes thus”. This is what Pope Francis told the media operators accompanying him on the papal flight to Abu Dhabi. The Pope was introduced by the “ad interim” director of the Holy See Press Office, Alessandro Gisotti, who said: “Holy Father, it seems like yesterday – it was almost yesterday – that we were on the return flight from Panama. Among the many banners of welcome there, one in particular, of the Muslim community of Panama, said: ‘Bienvenido Papa Francisco, hombre de paz’. And it is with precisely this spirit, I think, they await you in the Emirates, as a man of peace who goes in order to strengthen the dialogue of peace”. The Pontiff first thanked the journalists for their presence, adding: “Thank you for your company. It will be a short trip, brief. Today, this morning, I received the news that it was raining in Abu Dhabi: this, in that place, one may consider as a sign of blessing. Let us hope it goes thus. Many thanks”. And he went on to say: “I have brought copies of the icon made in the Bose Monastery, so that you can take it home: it is on the theme of dialogue between the elderly and the young. This is very close to my heart, and I believe it is a challenge for our time”. The icon, given to the journalists by the prefect of the Vatican Dicastery for Communications Paolo Ruffini, depicts a young monk carrying an elderly monk on his shoulders.

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