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European elections: FAFCE, Manifesto for the family. Focus on inclusion, work, protection of marriage

(Brussels) Supporting the voice of families is the third point highlighted in the FAFCE Manifesto in view of the May European elections: “Family Associations are the voice of families in that they authentically express their needs and increase their engagement in civil society”. Hence there is a need to recognize “the contribution and role of family associations in the definition and development of European policies”. Fourth aspect: the “economy at the service of the family” since it is “a source of resilience for our society and instrumental in alleviating difficulties in public finances”. This is why it is important to have “public policies that recognize the dignity of the family and its fundamental economic contribution to the common good”. The other points are about “decent work for every family”; work and family life balance; recognizing the complementarity of man and woman; “respecting and promoting the institution of marriage”; “respecting the dignity of human life from its beginning to its natural end”. Last but not least, the tenth point is about the role of parents: “the father and mother are the prime educators of their children”.



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