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European elections: FAFCE, Manifesto for the family. “Cornerstone of our society”

(Brussels) “The demographic winter is a silent emergency that affects all European countries. Europe needs a demographic spring. Children are our greatest common good. I pledge to raise awareness of Europe’s demographic decline, proposing concrete measures and tools aimed at changing the current trends”. This is the first point of the Decalogue that the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE) released in Brussels today. In the run-up to the 23-26 May elections, FAFCE launched the “Vote for the Family” campaign that candidates for the next European elections are invited to join. The Manifesto will be presented in Brussels on 2 April. Each point highlighted corresponds to a “commitment” which candidates are asked to undertake. “Family mainstreaming” is the second point: “The family is the cornerstone of our society. The EU should take European families into account in all its decisions, while also respecting the principle of subsidiarity”. Hence the commitment to promoting a family impact assessment on all policies in the area.



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