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Vatican abuse meeting: poem by a victim, “The bridge that made the difference”

Last night, during the prayer at the end of the first working session on “The Protection of Minors” in the Vatican, the 190 participants listened to the testimony of a young man from Asia, who chose a poem entitled “The bridge that made the difference” to tell – in the third person – his story, the story of a child repeatedly violated, who at the age of five, was taken from the “happy and whole” environment of his family, for a “just cause”: “the quest for a good Catholic formation”. “As young as five / to a world unknown / full of innocence and fears / he entered the halls that were new”, the young man said in his poem. “The home he missed / here he sought through friends / and guardians to be his parents. Fatal was this replacement / for their desires were strange / to him who was new. His innocence stripped / over and over again / left to fend for himself / into this adult world / he found no hope / and became a recluse. It shred him apart / as the years went by. But none could he tell / for fear of disgrace and shame”. Until one day “he contemplated over a bridge / and asked himself: ‘How would his way down change / change the order of things?’. Never was there an answer. Not a thing in his life / was left untouched. All of it was marred. Was God ever there? For He would be the only one / Who knows it all”. Suddenly, the bridge he contemplated “did show him a way”: “a way that was different / that came to fruition, when / he strangely heard in his noisy, troubled heart / a voice that called for a change to be brought. A journey he began / to fulfill what the voice said. A journey of forgiveness / a journey of reconciliation / a journey that accepted the life that was / a life full of hurt, sorrow and despair”. His story ended with an appeal to the world: “Who will take the responsibility / of lives that are broken? Bring back what is lost! Show that you care! For all that you do / will save the many silent cries / that wait for a saving day”.

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