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European elections: Work-Free Sunday Alliance, event at EU Parliament

(Brussels) The campaign of the European Sunday Alliance continued with an event at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels entitled “Work-free Sunday and decent working hours in Europe: which way forward?”. The network of Associations belonging to the Alliance thereby wished to engage MEPs and candidates in the forthcoming European elections while increasing their awareness of the issue. According to a statement from the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE), which is among the promoters of the Alliance, the event had a special focus on “the experiences and ongoing work of the Austrian and Croatian national Sunday Alliances”. “The recent new Polish legislation” was also examined, which, since 11 March 2018, limits “commercial activities” on Sundays. “Polish workers and their families” appreciate the new measure, for it raises “the level of work-family life balance”.

“Families need work, a home and time. And time means at least one common full day of rest per week, and that day in the European culture is Sunday”, FAFCE President Antoine Renard said as he presented the initiative “Vote for Family Manifesto”. In view of the upcoming European Elections, FAFCE will ask candidates to commit themselves to supporting Sunday as a common weekly day of rest, “for stronger families and a more flourishing society”.

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