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European elections: EU Parliament, projections for May’s elections. EPP losing influence but remains the first party. Nationalists on the rise

(Brussels) The European People’s Party would remain the first political group in the European Parliament, followed by the S&D Group. Eurosceptic and nationalist groups would gain influence, but would be unable to form a majority. This is according to the latest seat projections for the 23-26 May European elections released by the European Parliament today. As the EP explained, the projections are based on a “selection of reliable polls conducted by national polling institutes”, and do not take into accounts polls carried out on behalf of political parties. Such projections concern the current voting intentions, three months ahead of the elections and before the election campaign starts in full swing. The EPP is expected to have fewer MEPs, 183, than the current 217, out of a total of 705 MEPs. The S&D Group would win 135 seats (down from current 186). The third largest group is expected to be the Liberals with 75 seats (up from 68). Seats are allocated based on the groups currently existing in the EP; new parties that have not yet declared their intentions are placed under the “Other” Group: in the latter, 20 seats are expected to be allocated to the “En Marche” movement of French President Emmanuel Macron. According to the experts, it is also unclear in which group Five Star Movement MEPs will sit in the next European Parliament.

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