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Madrid: Card. Osoro, Respect human rights by letting Christ enter our lives

In his usual weekly letter, Archbishop of Madrid Cardinal Carlos Osoro deals with respect of human rights; as the Lord does, “we are supposed to open ourselves to other people, giving our lives for them, and letting them enter our lives”. At the same time, he encourages us to elevate ourselves to the sentiments of Christ and “to see reality, being aware of the places where human rights are not respected, in the world”. The Archbishop insists on the importance of three actions: “taking action”, “making protagonists”, and “being in the service of the joy of the Gospel”. Perform those actions “through the Church”, called upon “to shine as a sign of mankind unity, in the service of brotherhood”, until “giving everyone the hug of God”. Card. Osoro added: “Let the Lord enter your life, and you will see the change: you will accept the challenge of meeting other people, of paying your contribution to the neighbour, of sharing what you have with others, as well as receiving what they can give you. We are supposed to be daring to become consanguineous with the others”. Finally, the Cardinal says: “Nobody can deny the Church is a peace, charity and culture laboratory, approaching all the people’s needs. Are there situations in which Christians are not present?”. In his Laudato si’ encyclical, “Pope Francis says to look at the world as a common home, starting from the land and the poor. All of us are related to one another. The conversion of one man changes the world; therefore, the ecological issue is concrete and spiritual at the same time”.

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