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Finland: small numbers, but Catholics in the country are on the rise. There are currently over 15,000

The number of Catholics in Finland continues to grow by 3-4% per year. There were 15,483 registered members of the Catholic Church at the end of 2018, that is, 534 more than the previous year (with a growth rate of +3.5% compared to 2017). The figures were published on the website Almost all parishes registered an increase, except the parish of Jyväskylä where the number of Catholics remained quite stable. The largest parish is that of St. Henry’s Cathedral in Helsinki, with 4,779 members and 227 new arrivals in 2018. The proportion of languages spoken by Catholics remained almost unchanged: 41.5% of Catholics speak Finnish, 4.7% Swedish, and 53.8% other languages. The newly registered members are people who have been baptised (203), come from other Churches (48) or from other countries (321). In 2018, 43 Catholics died, 45 left the country and 92 left the Church. As for the sacraments, taking into account the figures of all parish registers across the country, there have been 219 first communions, 188 confirmations and 49 marriages, in 19 cases both spouses were Catholics.

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