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EU Parliament: Report on Bosnia and Herzegovina, concern for nationalistic rhetoric, corruption, media freedom

(Strasbourg) To advance in the EU accession process, there is a need for “concrete results” in the adoption of “constitutional, political and electoral reforms”. This is according to the report on Bosnia and Herzegovina, adopted by the European Parliament during today’s plenary. The above-mentioned reforms are needed to overcome the impasse in which the Balkan country has been stuck since mid-2017. According to MEPs, there has been a “noticeable slowdown” in the reforms made by Sarajevo, against a backdrop of “widespread corruption”, as clearly emerged during the “general elections held on 7 October 2018, and the preceding electoral campaign, that was once again dominated by ethno-nationalistic rhetoric and too focused on divisive issues linked to the past, rather than on proposing solutions to the daily concerns of citizens”. In the text adopted in Strasbourg, MEPs also expressed their concern that the “Federation House of Peoples, in line with the rulings by the country’s constitutional court,” has not yet been formed. They also lamented the “lack of progress on freedom of expression and media independence”. Hence a reminder to “all political leaders and institutions” of the importance to show responsibility in assessing “war-time events objectively”, so as to avoid “any kind of glorification” of “persons convicted of crimes against humanity”.

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