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EU Commission: Green Deal takes shape, presentation on 11 December. Circular economy, clean energy, biodiversity in the draft

(Brussels) The launch of the European Green Deal, one of the cornerstones of the programme proposed by the von der Leyen Commission (pictured), will take place on 11 December. But a first draft of the Communication, which includes the strategic elements of the package, is already circulating in Brussels. The EU will implement a “set of deeply transformative policies”, with a “Climate Law” which will enshrine the 2050 climate neutrality objective. Work will focus on “clean, affordable and secure energy” to achieve “a sustainable industry for a circular and climate neutral economy”, by looking at building and construction materials and zero-emission mobility. The transformation will also cover the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity; the agro-food system (“From Farm to Fork” is the provisional title of the package); and the fight against “all sources” of air and water pollution. Work will also focus on “establishing sustainability” in all sectors (finance, taxation, research and innovation, education and training, and digitalisation). A chapter will concern the social dimension with a “just transition initiative”, whose contents are yet to be finalised. There is also a “European Climate Pact” which should involve all stakeholders and EU countries. Other points of the draft deal include empowering citizens, corporate social responsibility, cities, rural areas and regions, and a look at the international dimension.

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