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United Kingdom: election, headlines in the British press. Results on a knife edge. Vote for Westminster with an eye on Brexit

(London) According to the website of the Conservative newspaper The Daily Telegraph, determined to “save Brexit” and “democracy itself”, the outcome of today’s general election in the UK is on a “knife edge”. The tightening in the polls between Tory Boris Johnson and his Labor rival, Jeremy Corbyn, means the outgoing prime minister cannot take victory for granted, according to the majority of UK news media online this morning. The Sun, a popular tabloid bought by one in six people in the UK, is, like The Telegraph, a big supporter of the UK leaving the EU. It publishes on its website an image of Boris’ head in a bright light bulb next to that of his rival in a dark bulb, with the headline: “We have a bright future with Boris as PM, but lights go out” if Corbyn “gets in No10”. The Times warns that “Tories face last-minute threat from Brexit Party”. Indeed, Nigel Farage’s party – Farage was the first political leader to propose the UK’s withdrawal from the EU years ago – could split the Leave vote and take 16 seats from the Tories, leaving Johnson with less than 326 seats and no majority at Westminster. Finally, the Independent’s “i” newspaper explains that Johnson’s family is as divided as the UK on Brexit. While Boris and his father Stanley will be voting Conservative, his sister, Rachel, is a staunch defender of the European project and his brother, Leo, supports a second referendum.

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