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United Kingdom: eve of election. Johnson ahead of Corbyn in polls. Divided country makes headlines in British press

(London) A “scrum”, a “final scramble for votes”: this reference to the rugby world is used by the liberal British newspaper The Guardian on its website to describe the final day of general election campaigning for the outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his rival Jeremy Corbyn. Tomorrow the UK will go to the polls. Most of the websites and newspapers in the UK relay a new YouGov poll commissioned by the Times suggesting that Johnson will have a majority of 28 MPs over Corbyn – lower than the one forecast so far. This tightening in the polls could result in a “hung parliament”, a scenario where no party has a majority, which at present cannot be ruled out. The website of the conservative daily The Telegraph opens with an interview with Boris Johnson, who pledges to get tough on serious criminals. “BoJo needs you” is the headline in the popular conservative newspaper The Sun. The Daily Mirror, however, points the finger at the outgoing prime minister. The tabloid published an interview with Dave Merritt, whose son Jack was killed in the London Bridge attack two weeks ago. “The prime minister has politicised my son’s death”, the father said, referring to the fact that Johnson, soon after his son’s death, had asked to keep terrorist offenders in jail for longer.

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