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Human rights: Borrell (EU), actions to protect women, children, freedom of religion and belief

(Brussels) The European Union “reaffirms its strong commitment to the full enjoyment of human rights by all women and girls”, said EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell to mark Human Rights Day. “The European Union’s intensified engagement as a global player has resulted in important achievements at the Human Rights Council and the UN General Assembly in 2019. In particular, the European Union contributed to moving forward on child rights and freedom of religion or belief. It created consensus around problematic human rights situations” in the Congo, Myanmar and Syria. “It has continued to partner with civil society, human rights defenders, academia, private sector and many others to advance on the human rights agenda”. “The European Union – Borrell added – recognises the importance of the work of human rights defenders often in the face of great adversity and personal cost. The European Union calls on all partners to allow human rights defenders to work in a safe and enabling environment, free from obstruction and insecurity”. “The European Union – he concluded – will continue protecting, promoting and fulfilling human rights together with all countries, organisations and individuals engaged in providing effective and innovative responses to existing and new challenges. We have achieved a lot but more needs to be done”.

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