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Eurobarometer: survey, 6 in 10 Europeans in favour of the Union. Irish pro EU, British against, Italians “indifferent”

(Brussels) Almost six in ten Europeans (59%) say they are in favour of their country’s EU membership. This is according to a Eurobarometer survey, published today, on the citizens’ priorities for the EU and the European Parliament. The percentage has increased from 2011 to 2018 to the current high, but with a gap: those in favour are 81% in Ireland and Luxembourg, but 42% in the UK. Support for the EU has grown in France by 6 percentage points (58%), in Greece by 5 points (47%), in Latvia by 4 points (59%). Support, however, has decreased in Lithuania (-8 pp), in the UK (-7 pp), and in Poland and Cyprus (-5 percentage points). In the UK, 31% of British respondents consider the UK’s membership of the EU as neither positive nor negative (+11% compared to June 2019). Even the majority of citizens in Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovakia say they have a neutral stance on the EU. Young people are the most enthusiastic: 64% of young people (aged 15 to 24) believe EU membership is positive, compared to 54% of citizens over 55, even if this figure is 6 percentage points lower than in June 2019. This “shows that the favour shown by this category, including electoral participation and general interest, cannot certainly be taken for granted”. “General optimism for the future of the EU” is also on the rise: 32% of the citizens polled “believe that the European Union is going in the right direction” (+5% compared to spring 2019), even if 46% still believe it is going in the wrong direction (down by 5%).

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