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Fall of Berlin Wall: Sassoli (EU Parliament), “continue to fight prejudice, overcome nationalism and work for a Europe of solidarity”

(Brussels) “The fall of the Berlin Wall is the founding event of our contemporary Europe, it made us better”. European Parliament President David Sassoli said this on the eve of 9 November, which will mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall erected in 1961. “Thirty years ago, Europe regained its unity by reconciling its geographical space with its political space around the values of democracy and freedom. It is an event that we recall with joy, one that has given us and future generations the chance to address global challenges with a heritage of values useful for the defence of human dignity”. President Sassoli went on to say: “From that day, Europe has become stronger in facing the challenges ahead. The fall of the wall represented the end of a nightmare for millions of Europeans who were punished and killed for their thirst for justice and marginalised for their quest for freedom. Remembering that time also means reaffirming that never again will totalitarianisms oppress the lives of our citizens and humiliate our countries”. “Today – Sassoli said – we must not forget that lesson. Young people in Berlin invite us to have the same courage in continuing to break down walls and fight prejudice, to overcome nationalism and work for a Europe of solidarity”.

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