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Pope Francis: to the Sophia Institute, “walk together with each other” not “against anyone else”. “Some have this habit: to find someone they can ‘walk against’”

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“Wisdom, covenant, outgoing”. These are the three keywords suggested by Pope Francis to the academic community of the Sophia University Institute of Loppiano, received in audience today. “Your University is called ‘Sophia’ because its objective is first of all to communicate and learn wisdom in order to infuse all its sciences”, Pope Francis remarked: “Wisdom is in fact the Light of the countenance of God that illuminates the face of man: his mystery, his questions, his sufferings, his destiny. For us Christians, wisdom is Jesus crucified and risen, but His light illuminates all men: all religions, all cultures, all authentic exercises of humanity. For this reason, we are called to walk together with each other – as you do – to build a true and harmonious culture of encounter”. “There are some people who have this habit: to find someone they can ‘walk against’”, he added off the cuff: “Our message is different – it is to find ‘who’ to ‘walk with’”, he added off the cuff. “The covenant – the Pope explained about the second keyword – is the keystone of creation and history, as the Word of God teaches us: the covenant between God and men, the covenant between generations, the covenant between peoples and cultures, the covenant – in school – between teachers and learners, the covenant between man, animals, plants and even the inanimate realities that make our common home beautiful and colourful. Everything is related to everything else, everything is created to be a living icon of God Who is the Trinity of Love! Today, therefore, it is a priority task to educate people to live out this covenant, or rather to be this living covenant in all these dimensions: to open the paths of the future to a new civilization that embraces humanity and the cosmos in universal brotherhood”. “This vocation to brotherhood, this living the brotherhood… is something we cannot walk without today”, he added off the cuff. “Without going out – he said about the third keyword – one does not encounter wisdom, without going out the covenant does not spread to all, in ever wider and more inclusive concentric circles. Only by going out does one encounter the real face of our brothers and sisters, with their wounds and aspirations, their questions and their gifts. We must learn with the heart, mind and hands to ‘come out of the camp’ – as the Letter to the Hebrews says – so as to meet, right out there, the face of God in the face of every brother and sister”.

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