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EU Parliament: “provide age-appropriate sex education in schools”. Call on Polish Parliament

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(Brussels) The European Parliament criticises the attempts by the Polish Parliament to amend a law against paedophilia which would result in the “criminalisation” of sex education provided to young people in schools. The resolution, which was passed by a large majority (471 votes in favour, 128 against and 57 abstentions) with the backing of “pro-European” parties in the European Parliament, expresses concern over the “Polish draft law that could put teachers who provide sex education in prison”. The non-legislative resolution approved by the EP notes that a shift may be underway in Poland towards misinformation, with a view to stigmatising or even banning sex education. The EP therefore calls on the Polish Parliament to refrain from adopting the bill. The resolution also calls on Member States to “provide comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education in schools”. In addition, the European Parliament stresses that the “lack of information and education about sex and sexuality puts the safety and wellbeing of young people at risk and makes them more vulnerable to sexual exploitation, abuse and violence, including online harassment” and domestic violence. “Teaching young people about gender equality, consent and mutual respect can help to prevent and combat gender stereotypes, homophobia, transphobia and gender-based violence”.

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