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Environment: European Week for Waste Reduction. 16,000 events across EU

(Brussels) This year, too, the EU will be holding the European Week for Waste Reduction, an initiative to “promote the implementation of awareness-raising actions about sustainable waste management”. From 16 to 24 November, 16,000 events will be held as part of the campaign. The theme for this year is “Waste education and communication” and the slogan “Change your ways, Reduce your waste”. The pillars of this strategy are the so-called “3Rs”: “Reduce” which includes strict avoidance as well as reduction at source”; “Reuse” products; and “Recycle” materials. This is explained on the website of the campaign, which also provides information and educational materials ( The project was launched in 2009 with the support of the European Commission’s LIFE+ programme. In almost all European countries, there is a national coordinator for the campaign (in Italy it is the AICA). Public authorities, associations, schools, businesses and citizens are all invited to participate; there is a wide range of interesting proposals, including: a sculpture competition at the Polytechnic University of Donostia-San Sebastián on “shaping the circular economy”; composting workshops in Corsica; meetings to raise awareness and encourage use of reusable menstrual products in Scotland; separate waste collection campaigns in France; and awareness-raising campaigns in Italy.

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