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Pope Francis: appeal for Iraq, “May authorities listen to the cry of the people”

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An appeal for Iraq, that political authorities may pay heed to the cry of the people and pursue the path of dialogue and reconciliation. Pope Francis made this appeal this morning, at the end of his Wednesday general audience. After the catechesis, the Pope’s thought went to the land of Iraq where over 250 protesters were killed since the beginning of October in Baghdad and in the southern towns of the country. “Dear brothers and sisters, my thought goes to beloved Iraq, where the protests staged this month have caused numerous deaths and injuries. While I express my sorrow for the victims and closeness to their families and the wounded, I urge the authorities to listen to the cry of the people who asks for a dignified and peaceful life. I urge all Iraqis, with the support of the international community, to take the path of dialogue and reconciliation and to look for fair solutions to the country’s challenges and problems. I pray that that martyred people may find peace and stability after years of war and violence. It has suffered so much!”.

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