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EU: European Parliament elections, young protagonists. Record turnout driven by under-25s

(Brussels) The high turnout in last May European elections was driven by a surge in participation by young people. This is the picture that emerged from the analysis of national and political statistics, which was confirmed today by a large-scale survey published by the EU Parliament. “Socio-demographic analysis shows that there has been an increase in turnout for all groups of the population – the study reads -, although this is higher for some groups, with a much larger turnout among younger people and first-time voters”. Although older people remain more likely to vote, the increase between 2014 and 2019 is larger among young people aged under 25 (42%, +14 pp) and aged 25–39 (47%, +12pp), when compared with those aged 55 or over (54%, +3 pp). On 18 October 2019, the UK electoral commission published the definitive numbers of voters in the United Kingdom for the European Elections 2019. So now all 28 EU Member States have officially announced their final national turnout data, settling the official final turnout at European level at 50.66% (+8.06 pp compared to 2014, when the turnout was 42.60%). This figure is the highest turnout since the 1994 European elections.

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