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Africa: 23 years since the murder of archbishop Munzihirwa. The denunciation and commemoration by Nobel prize winner Mukwege, “a great man, a witness and a prophet”

The archbishop of Bukavu, Christophe Munzihirwa, was murdered on 29th October 1996 and was renamed “the African Romero”, because he died a martyr due to his commitment in support of Rwandan refugees and his relentless denunciation of the oppression perpetrated by Kigali’s regime and the abuse committed by the Congo Rebels movement. A man of great faith and a prophet of peace, the Jesuit was killed during a commando raid of the “Rwandan Patriotic Front”. Today, he is commemorated as “a great man, a witness and a prophet” by Denis Mukwege, the Congolese doctor who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018. “23 years have passed without any investigation, without any trial. 23 years of complicit silence before the crimes in the Republic of Congo”, Mukwege writes in a tweet. The process of beatification of the martyred archbishop is under way; the diocesan step of the process ended exactly one year ago.

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