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Latvia: the Churches celebrate “Orphan Sunday” on 3rd November. 800 children in the country’s orphanages 

Latvia joins in the international initiative aimed at praying and supporting orphans: on 3rd November, “Orphan Sunday” will be celebrated in the Latvian Christian Churches. According to official statistics, posted on the website of the archdiocese of Riga, in the first few months of 2018 there were approximately 1,200 children in Latvia’s orphanages, now there are still 800. “In the last few years, some organisations have made efforts to raise public awareness of how to help and support children in orphanages”, a notice explains: this is the case of the House of the Holy Family, in Riga, which regularly provides training courses for adoptive or foster families; some communities have become “friends” of an orphanage, by regularly visiting the children and offering them activities. But “more can be done”, so the 3rd November initiative, now held for the seventh time in Latvia, helps not only “pray for these children, their real and adoptive parents”, but also to “ask ourselves what we can do, as Churches and as individuals, to improve the situation of these children”. “Orphan Sunday” is an international ecumenical initiative that involves Christian Churches all over the world.

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