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Bosnia Herzegovina: migrant crisis. Card. Puljic, “chaos reigns, there are no authorities in charge”. Problems in Croatia too

“Speaking of migrants in Bosnia Herzegovina is a problem, because there is no authority in charge of all the facilities nor a clear idea about what to do”. This was said by Vinko Puljic, cardinal of Sarajevo, who was asked yesterday about the migrant crisis that has been afflicting the Balkan country for a few years now, during the national meeting of the leaders of Caritas Bosnia Herzegovina and Caritas Croatia. “That’s why – he added – chaos reigns” and “the little ones suffer”, “there are houses burnt down, rapes and thefts”. In addition, the cardinal expressed concern about the Interior Minister of Bosnia Herzegovina, Dragan Mektic, in charge of managing migrants in the Balkan country. In his opinion, “it is a very delicate security process”, and “sometimes the migrants who really need help are manipulated”. “The problem of migrants – the cardinal of Sarajevo believes – is not an issue that Bosnia Herzegovina can solve on its own, neither can Europe. It is a problem that should be addressed more seriously, not dumped on the smaller ones, but reviewed at higher levels”. The problem of migrants has also been raised by the president of Caritas Croatia, mgr. Josip Mrzljak, who mentioned “Pope Francis’s appeal to take in all the needy people, especially those who are fleeing their native countries”. He told that “in Croatia there are many more migrants than the official news show”. “The crisis – he said – is overwhelming Caritas, though it is still trying to help everyone”.

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