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United Kingdom: Leicester, Anglican and Catholic Bishops to hold two-day meeting. “Building relations and sharing difficulties to help one another”

A two-day ecumenical meeting organised in the spirit of the document by the ARCIC Commission “Growing Together in Unity and Mission”. Fifty bishops, half of them Catholic and half of them Anglican, will meet in the city of Leicester, in central England, on 16 and 17 January, to pray together, reflect and get to know each other better. “These meetings taking place every two or three years are a valuable opportunity for pastors to build relations and share their difficulties to help one another”, said Jeremy Worthen, Secretary for Ecumenical Relations at the Council for Christian Unity, a body of the Church of England in charge of fostering relations between the Christian churches. “For this reason, the bishops are placed in small groups by region so that they can find ways to cooperate when the territory of their diocese is bordering or partially overlapping” that of other dioceses. The Church of England is in charge of organising the event this year. “The issues dividing us are not easy to solve; indeed, they are mainly related to authority and ecclesiology, as has been the case from the beginning, since the time of Henry VIII’s Reformation”, Rev. Worthen explained. “There is a new awareness in our age. The context in which we work is secularised and it is important that we support one another and think together about how best we can bring the Gospel to the society in which we live”.

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