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Pope Francis: audience, “I really enjoy praying the Way of the Cross. Pray the Way of the Cross!”. Today “many young people are victims of various forms of slavery and poverty”

foto SIR/Marco Calvarese

“As long as there are new generations capable of saying ‘here I am’ God, there will be a future for the world”. This is according to Pope Francis, who focused on the Way of the Cross at today’s audience as he recalled the highlights of his journey to Panama. “Walking with Mary behind Jesus carrying the Cross is a school of Christian life”, he remarked. “There you learn patient, silent, and concrete love”. “I tell you a secret”, he continued off the cuff, addressing some 7,000 faithful gathered in the Paul VI Hall. “I really enjoy praying the Way of the Cross, because it means walking with Mary behind Jesus. I always have a pocket-sized “Way of the Cross” book with me, I pray it when I have time. “It is a gift from a very apostolic person in Buenos Aires”, Pope Francis revealed, taking it out of his pocket and showing it to the faithful: “When I have time, I pray the Way of the Cross”. “Pray the Way of the Cross!”, the Pope continued off the cuff, “for it means following Jesus with Mary along the path of the Cross, where Jesus gave his life for us, for our redemption”. “In Panama, the youth carried with Jesus and Mary the suffering of many brothers and sisters in Central America and across the world”, Pope Francis stressed: “Among them are many young victims of various forms of slavery and poverty. In this sense, there have been significant moments such as the penitential liturgy which I celebrated in a detention centre for minors and the visit to the “Good Samaritan” Shelter, which is home to people affected by HIV / AIDS”.

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