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Ireland: Catholic Schools Week on “Celebrating the Work of Our Local Catholic Schools”

The Catholic Church in Ireland is holding “Catholic Schools Week” (27 January-3 February), a week of reflection and celebration. “Celebrating the Work of Our Local Catholic Schools” is the slogan for the 2019 edition. “As Irish society changes, it is important that we reflect on the unique contribution of Catholic schools to our collective goal of education”, the organisers explained, which takes on distinctive traits: “an ethos that is inclusive, welcoming and vibrant; a vision of each student as made in the likeness and image of God”; and efforts to help each child, “reach their full potential academically, spiritually and socially”, regardless of their origins. This shared vision is lived out “differently” in each school, depending on “the community it serves”. In these days, the families of students and former students are invited to reflect on this contribution, each day on a unique theme: living tradition; welcoming diversity; grandparents day; in service of our community; and supporting faith. The national Committee has made a series of resources available that may be used with students. There are over 2,800 Catholic schools in Ireland. Approximately 90% of Irish children attend one of these schools.

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