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Pope in Panama: meeting with authorities, no to corruption, “live in simplicity and transparency”

“The younger generation, with its joy and enthusiasm, with its freedom, sensitivity and critical capacity, demands that adults, and especially all those who exercise roles of leadership in public life, lead a life consonant with the dignity and authority that they possess and that has been entrusted to them”. In his first speech in Panama, addressed to the authorities, the Pope began by considering the needs of young people and went on to describe the demanding characteristics that should mark out a politician, renewing his appeal to fight against corruption. Indeed, Pope Francis exhorted the leaders of the country “to live in simplicity and transparency, with a clear sense of responsibility for others and for our world”. “To lead a life that demonstrates that public service is a synonym of honesty and justice, and opposed to all forms of corruption”. Hence the need for “a commitment in which all – beginning with those of us who call ourselves Christians – have the audacity to build ‘an authentically human politics’ that makes the person the centre and heart of everything”. A political commitment that “works to build a culture of greater transparency between governments, the private sector and the entire population”, Pope Francis remarked, citing “the words of your prayer for your country: ‘Give us our daily bread: may we eat it in our own homes and in a state of health worthy of human beings’”.

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