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Pope Francis: WCD Message, “the Net should protect a communion of people who are free”. From a “like” to an “Amen”

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“If the Net is used as an extension or expectation of such an encounter, then the network concept is not betrayed and remains a resource for communion. If a family uses the Net to be more connected, to then meet at table and look into each other’s eyes, then it is a resource. If a Church community coordinates its activity through the network, and then celebrates the Eucharist together, then it is a resource”. Pope Francis wrote this in his Message for World Communications Day 2019 on the theme “’We are members one of another’ (Eph 4:25). From social network communities to the human community”. For the Holy Father, “if the Net becomes an opportunity to share stories and experiences of beauty or suffering that are physically distant from us, in order to pray together and together seek out the good to rediscover what unites us, then it is a resource”. Indeed, “the network we want” is “a network created not to entrap, but to liberate, to protect a communion of people who are free”. “The Church herself is a network woven together by Eucharistic communion, where unity is based not on ‘likes’, but on the truth, on the ‘Amen’, by which each one clings to the Body of Christ, and welcomes others”.

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